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Melanie Mercer
Pamela Rust
Char Merkling
Jaan Van Der Welk
Lena Irene Kvalheim
Andrea Albrecht
Christian Dahl
Deborah Harlien (GrowingForIt)
Talip Gur
Frank Uhl
John Dossey
Mark & Rina Tarizzo
Anja Voigt
Palmira Amoroso
Heike Nehr
Alexander Mueller
Dirk Kramer
Steffen Van Dlev (Lullababy International)
Renate Oberitter
Charlotte Strobel
Wiesse Christian (Power of Life)
Rosemarie Wagner
Jan Wilson
Jehlica Jurgen
Sandy Roy Guntendorfer
Susanne Speicher
Sabine Klassen
Tines Spruhrausch
Niclas Mennig
Martha Roehl
Roy Holt
Karl Pieck
Andreas Lenz (Intelligent Systemworks)
Arife Thomsen (Begesund)
Kristina Schott (Universalhealth)
Jacqueline Zweers
Manueala Wolf
Andreas Seiler
Imanueal Wilk
Axel Rausch (DrFeelGood)
Mutih Simon
Juliane Hansen
Hans Preissler
Klaus Scheilblhofer
Christiane Stockle
Helga Berrenrath
Alexander Elias Muller (Successteam1)
Paul Blackmore
Stefan Landgraf
Gregor Maihart
Karima Hajji
Barbel Zweers
Gerald Stiberitz
Kathrin Bentfeld
Nick Himsl
Margit Rausch (Kuestenracusch)
Marion Panseh
Toth B. Laszlo
Helene-Susanne Grohma
Petra Kaiser
Pamina Andersen
Stephanie Kempkes
S. Elisabeth Behnke
Silke Eckardt
Susanne Senge
Andrea Schroeder (stayhappy)
Lennart Werner
Gudrun Rausch (I feel good forever)
Anja Kemper
Verena Schweizer (Praxis Fur Pravention und Regneration
Sabine Wiland (Healthcare Coaching)
Elsner Christiane (energie&koperarbieit)
Sabine Meixner (Arego Studdeautschland)
Annette Thesing
Sara Meeks
Rupert Kyrein
Brigitte Zima
Friederike Heidekom (EnergieBalance)
Gunde Dunkl
Elisabeth Renowitsch
Nicolle Nottensteiner
Gail Knight (Sweet Dreams Worldwide)
Rohde Hellmut
Christine Jehlicka (Feelgood)
Wolff Weiss Laurence (AREGOLUX)
Renate Palarczyk
Sofija Radojkovic (Olmuhle Werder) Bootjer Hannelore
Loredana Onete-schinko
Meike Gloyer
Sarah Isensee (wandelwunder)
David Bauer (DavidBauer)
Mario Volpicelli
Thomas Fruhe
Gerd Rausch (Work-Life-Balance)
Vivian Reiiss (Supermom)
Natalie Dmitriew (Sprayfit)
Ulrike Lagies (sprayvital)
Heinze Volker Hartung
Carina Hartung
Ute Brates
Jan Landgraf (Frodo)
Karin Boehnke (Himalayastuebchen)
Olga Blauova (Slowakische Botschaft)
Lisa Zitnik
Jens Friedrich
Doris Schmidt
Magdalen Villegas
Petra Grassl
Andrew Dean
Alex Ziplinsky
Bettina Strauch
Tomoharu Takahashi
Paulsen Katrine
Susanne Augusti
Birgit Heinshn
Monika Wilk
Tom Schwane
Clarissa Schallner
Verena Renner
Petra Kaltner
Susanne Berger
Lisa Fruhe
Jana Hansl (Arego DogsandFamily)
Seiler Finja
GCVEG Freiherr von Ketelhodt
Blau Peter
Arne Lagies (Living Health)
Sigrid Stork
Simone Klement
Ulrike Goldschmidt
Heidemarie Ferstl
Birgit Hackenbeck
Panagiota Prinz
Miyoko Saitou
Margrethe Thortveit


Joy Dossey
Marlies Elisaeth Graack (Be in Balance)
Dirk Marrus (5-Star Unity e.v.)
Elfie Weise (Beauty Life by Elfi)
Jason Coughlan
Daniel Drummer
Christina Lechner
Robert Zweers
Christa Guntendorfer
Ulrike Kimmerle
Ulrike Hahn
Edgar Werner
Christine Rausch (Tines Spruhrausch)
Tina Lagies
Susanne Hartung
Tabitha Ziplinsky
Elemer Szuts

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“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.”

“I feel my ability to be enthusiastic and with a loving heart is my gift from God. I had this dream before, that it would be my enthusiasm and my heart that would help to make the world a better place. I believe this. I have never gave up on my dream. After 28 years in the industry and too many companies and let downs to count. I held strong in my Faith that God was going to lead me to a company, with a product line that would change the world. I knew HE selected me to help HIS people. I just had to be patient. So after many adventures, 17 exclusive incentive and conference trips. leading multi million dollar industries, changing thousands upon thousands of lives in health and wellness, jewelry and home decor etc. I was lead to Arego Life. My heart is content with what’s ahead on our climb together, as one Team. I was elated to experience the AdaptX.1 when my dear friend told me about it. At the time I was suffering again w severe low back disc pain. This chronic debilitating pain was happening for 8 years. I was in and out of the hospital, I was ambulated and couldn’t walk. My left foot inverted into my right leg from sciatica nerve pain. I was told I needed back surgery several times and prescribed several painkillers. Which I never filed, as I knew I didn’t want these in my body with all the serious side effects. I went to Neurologists and NeuroSurgeons. Only to be told I needed ESI epidural spinal injections and Spinal Fusions. And prescribed more drugs. I discovered a acupuncturist and massage therapist that preformed acupuncture with and without needles. I had some relief. I immediately enrolled as a MP and knew I needed to help people and give them HOPE. I plugged myself into the system and focused solely and only on the daily activities and not on the results. We have experienced tremendous growth in such a short time. Upon using the product I had immediate relief from my chronic low back disc pain, my migraines went away which I began to have about 1.5 years ago that were from hormones. I felt and feel like I had my Life Back, and I wanted to share this ADAPTing with everyone I know.

I am a huge believer that nothing is coincidence. The vision is crystal clear and our future is soo bright. The world needs what we have, and pretty soon Globally our company will be a household name. I just know it. I gotta feeling. “Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” Happy ADAPTing!” – Rhonda Bravu

Rhonda Bravu

Jul 8, 2019

Meet Tom Scheffler

Tom Scheffler is an incredible individual who loves to keep it real and help people get where they need and want to be. With over 32 years of being in the industry he has found and reached six figures several times. To him, this company is a breath of fresh air. He finds great joy in being able to wake up every morning with confidence that the rug is not going to be pulled out from underneath him. To him, this feels like home.

Arego came during a challenging time in his life; a time when he had hit rock bottom. Having gone through some difficult health and life challenges where he lost half of his income, he was tired of starting over. This was the case until Roger Doucet introduced him to Arego Life. He has been apart of Arego since September of 2018 and is now a Marketing Partner. His goal is to be a Beachcomber and to be an example to the rest of his amazing team.

In all his successes and challenges, he has found that the greatest joy comes from helping others. He believes that you should always give unto others what you have been given. With this motto in mind, he is always willing to answer questions that others might have. Many would full heartedly agree when he says that people deserve to be treated right and that there’s nothing wrong with money as long as your heart is in the right place. He feels that it’s a blessing to hear of people improving from taking the product because that’s what it’s all about, helping people.

He sends a huge THANK YOU to his team around the world for all their hard work!

Tom Scheffler

Jul 8, 2019

What An Example They Are To All Of Us

Everett has been in the industry for over 40 years and I’ve had the privilege of getting to know he and his wife over the past several months and I will say that if one were to choose just one word to describe Everett it would have to be dependable.. This man is committed and shows up on every single call or webinar and is a very active participant, all because of his passion for being a part of something so much larger than all of us. I look forward to many years of success with the Davey’s and a I’m grateful to have them on my team. Let’s Keep Rocking Arego!

Everett and Gloria Davey

Jul 16, 2019

Restart with the Aregofamily 🙏

I am 45 years old and father of a 8 year old boy ! I’m a sales manager and i love network marketing since 20 years ! With Aregolife i see the chance to be in the right place at the right time . I love Arego Adapt and see the big chance for me to live the life that I always dreamed in my best dreams 🙏

Tom Schwane

Jul 26, 2019

Stay happy and curious!

Being in my late 50’s and a mum of 3 children, I retired already from a very stressful job as a manager in a pharmaceutical company for 18 years.
As I am an active person who loves traveling, my focus is on a healthy lifestyle. I want to enjoy my life as much and as long as possible, so I take care what and how much I eat, doing sports like yoga and weightlifting, don’t drink alcohol with very, very few exceptions – my only “sin” is smoking.
When Adapt crossed my way through a friend, it clicked straight away as I have few health issues – as all of us. I am taking it only since a very short time but the quality of my life improved immediately. I love to help people and Adapt is a perfect way to do so – in many aspects.

Irene Mayer

Sep 18, 2019


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