Serotonin helps with SO many things. Researchers are finding that they are barely touching the tip of the iceberg as they have unravelled the many unparalleled effects of serotonin.


Recently we were asked if Adapt can help with blood pressure. Adapt modulates your serotonin. Serotonin plays a key role in helping normalize your blood pressure. Adapt has the ability to have countless benefits.

Colin’s Story 

I was introduced to Adapt last August. I took Adapt to help me sleep better. I have always struggled with insomnia. The first night I took Adapt, I still woke up at 3am. I was sad. I thought the product hadn’t worked for me. However, after a few minutes of being  awake I realized something was different. I wasn’t tired! I felt well rested. Adapt has helped me get higher quality sleep for several months now. The longer I’ve taken it, the better it has worked for me. I have more energy. I sleep well. My family has also experienced wonderful benefits as well. We could not be more pleased with Adapt!

Colby’s Story

I’ve been smoking for 48 years. Last Sunday, I decided to quit smoking. I’ve tried to quit many times. Each time the desire would not go away. Since taking Adapt, I have gradually been able to decrease my smoking. Since I’ve quit, I have not had the strong desire to smoke that I’ve always struggled with. I believe this is due to Adapt!



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