Can Auera help with sun spots?

Yes, it certainly can! The Chinese pearl powder will help even the skin tone and diminish sun spots.

Can Adapt help with bruising easily?

Yes! We had one man report that his skin’s bruising and redness diminished significantly after using Adapt for just a few months.

The effects of our serotonin modulator are vast and comprehensive. We have loved hearing your testimonials and seeing how Adapt helps each of you in a unique way! We have opened up a horizon that no one has ever imagined. We have even caught the attention of some of the biggest research companies in the industry, including National Institute of Health (NIH) and other companies.

Why haven’t other beauty companies incorporated our polyphenols into their products?

Other beauty companies have not incorporated our polyphenols into their products because our polyphenols are patented. Because of this, Arego Life owns the exclusive right to use them in their products.

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