Is it better to take Auera during the day or in the evening?

Dr. Don uses Auera each evening before he goes to bed. He also uses it after he shaves to help smoothen his skin and reduce inflammation. However, there is no set formula for using Auera! Users are free to use Auera at their own discretion. Auera has been found to be very helpful in helping set makeup and reducing makeup smearing due to its unique technology.

If your face flushes when you use Auera, what does this mean?

Auera contains niacinamide, which may initially trigger a slight flushing response from your skin when you first begin using the product. If this happens, do not be concerned. As your body builds its nutrients back up, this should go away.

Can Auera help with scarring?

Yes, it can! We’ve had reports of scars being lessened through consistent application of Auera.

What makes Auera so effective?

Auera contains the best of the best ingredients available for skin care products plus our special serotonin modulating Adaptenols. This formula provides for an incredibly potent, multi-purpose skin care product with a wide range of benefits. All ingredients in skin care products are rated using a toxicity index (1= least toxic a substance can be, 5=most toxic a substance can be). Each ingredient in Auera has a toxicity index of 1.

Can Auera help with dry skin?

Absolutely! Auera contains top notch ingredients that will provide your skin with ample hydration.

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