Back Office Improvements

Thank you to those of you that have helped us correct issues with the back office through your e-mails. We appreciate your help in spotting and correcting these issues! We have put a lot of time into fixing these issues and further increasing the capacity of our back office’s reporting system through dialing in comprehensive reports. If you experience any additional issues in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us at


We are experiencing tremendous growth! We are up 36% from last month. Currently, 95% of new starts get started using the Executive Kit. We will gradually start to see an increase in Partner Kits as we release the tools to help you promote this kit.

Starting The Right Way

Our system is designed to help you get started the right way. To get started the right way, develop a testimony of the product for yourself first. Then, help others develop testimonies of the product through becoming customers before signing up as Marketing Partners.

We are grateful to have incredible products that provide such remarkable benefits! The products work, so let the products work for you.